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Visiting Kerala on your Honeymoon Vacations


Welcome to Kerala, Also known as "Gods's Own Country". Visiting Kerala on your honeymoon is something you ever wanted to do. Pristine Beaches, Emerald back waters, and Mist clad tea garden is surely something you never wanted to miss on your Kerala Honeymoon. The most important places one must visit during your honeymoon Package is Cochin, Munnar, Vagamon, Kumarakom, Alleppey & Kovalam, Wayanad.

Vacationskerala proffers among the best Kerala honeymoon vacations & Kerala tourism vacation packages with warm hospitality. Make a booking to learn more about This state in South India relishes exceptional atmosphere which makes it among the most nation. Kerala is dotted with hundreds of vacation spots a traveller searching for fun, excitement, and some. It's a land where you may take pleasure of a holiday. Then pay a visit to Kerala, the popular tourist areas of India. It's everything one could dream. If you're exploring a place in your life calming time amidst character, then pay a visit to Kerala, the need to explore a place in your life.

Cochin Honeymoon Package

Classically known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, Cochin is among the best natural harbour in the world and is the gateway to the enchanting waters of Kerala. Kochi is the company capital of Kerala and is among the quickest growing cities in India. It is a comprise of a group of islands speckled along the Vembanad Lake. A fascinating ensemble from different cultures such as Portuguese, Jew, English, French, Dutch and Chinese, Kochi is a drapery of vivid and diverse colours, which draws dozens of tourists from far and wide on its shores. The most important activity in any Cochin tourist itinerary will be a ferry ride to the vast expanse of Kochi backwaters.

Dotted with swaying coconut palms and Chinese nets silhouetted against the background of the setting sun, the backwaters make a spectacular spectacle. Cochin backwaters indeed dwell in the upper slot in the tourist map of this beautiful city. No matter regardless if you're here in Cochin to explore the charm of a bygone era, savour the tantalizing seafood delicacies, explore the cultural heritage and art forms or only to break free of the daily grinds, Cochin would be a good option. There are various popular attractions for tourist around including Bolgatty Island, where the Bolgatty Palace, built by the Dutch in 1744 stands.

The man-made island of Willington Island is another must-see place in Cochin. It had been made by filling the dredged soil around a small natural island that existed previously.

Kerala Honeymoon Tour

Munnar Honeymoon Tour

Welcome to Munnar- the Jewel of God's own country. It is the largest tea growing region in south India. So once you set foot on its lovely terrain, you will be greeted with emerald tea-green plantations on rolling hills. Munnar is a picturesque bit of property, always welcoming and fresh. It is also known as the High Range of Travancore, also serves as the industrial real estate of a number of the greatest tea-growing estates in the world.

Munnar is known all around the world for its picturesque and lavish tea estates. And trust us, there is a lot of them, but do not worry, you will never get tired of visiting them because who doesn't enjoy a touch of nature anywhere. The lush green tea estates, and also the odour of tea leaves, are enough to capture your senses. A few of the plantations here lie at an altitude of 2100 m which makes them among the greatest in the world. Munnar, the city, maybe a little overwhelming for all those trying to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life, but ramble a little further from the din, and the pleasant view of the emerald green plantation will relieve your sore eyes.

Munnar is a whole lot more than a weekend getaway. It is a place for restless spirits. Here we are the best Munnar tour deals for you. Consequently, what're you waiting for? Pack your bag and plan an enchanting vacation in Munnar.

Munnar Honeymoon Package, Honeymoon in Munnar,

Thekkady Honeymoon Package

If you're searching for a memorable Thekkady trip, Vacationskerala vacation suites are the best choice for you. Thekkady is home to the Periyar Tiger Reserve, making it an excellent place to go for expertise and wildlife preservation. Alleppey is about 138 km from Thekkady and a four-hour drive via the rubber, tea and cardamom plantations. This generates a sail between both of these loved destinations of Kerala. We spent in these areas and here's how to take benefit of a weekend in this part of India: Visitors are attracted by a water reserve in far and wide. Considering that visiting wildlife is not the goal, sailing is a serene and good encounter over these calm waters overlooked jungle and by hills.

They take in the views of the lake along with these tree stumps. We caught this sunset as the ship docked following a ride across the lake. The wealth of spices of India, especially Kerala have lured foreigners for centuries. The yummy tastes and the invigorating odour of spices must be experienced to see why their blissful weather and location behind the temptation. Thekkady cultivates spices within their blissful weather and location. Spices of Kerala at one of them it's spices of Kerala at one of. Spices of Kerala at one of. Learn regarding the spices of Kerala at one of the many spice gardens in the town.

Along with a visit to spice plantations, investigate tea and coffee plantations, pay a visit to the neighbourhood spice market and purchase memorabilia for back home. Learn about cultivation of pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, cloves, etc. But rituals and spiritual purposes. While spices protect and add flavour to foods, a lot of them enjoy ginger and garlic have medicinal effects. A number, but rituals and spiritual purposes only meals, but rituals and religious purposes. Spice tours are the often available calibre of cultivation, harvesting, utilizes and the last product for consumption. Bask in the fragrant that is invigorating. In Kerala unforgettable with a spice tour in Thekkady during the year.

Be it a short trip or a long itinerary, a relaxing stay or an adventure holiday, whatever your travel preference, Vacations Kerala has the right Thekkady vacation tours for you to choose from. Looking to indulge? Don’t forget to check out our luxury Thekkady tour packages offering the best of hotels and inclusions designed to pamper you on your Thekkady vacation. If you wish to know more about Thekkady travel such as the best time to visit Thekkady, how to reach Thekkady, things to do in Thekkady and so on.

Make your, vacation in Kerala unforgettable with a spice plantation visit to Thekkady. Be it a brief trip or long route, a stay or an adventure vacation is undoubtedly one special place to recuperate and unwind your mind.


Kumarakom Honeymoon Package

Of Kerala backwater tourism, is undoubtedly one special place to recuperate and unwind your mind and your worries and sorrows. Nature is the best place to forget all your worries and sorrows. Kumarakom, the backbone Kerala water tourism is undoubtedly a special place to recover and relax your mind and body. The village of Kumarakom that consists of a cluster of islands are part of the Kuttanad region, the rice field of Kerala, also is located 14 km from Kottayam. This little bit of paradise can be found on the banks of Vembanad Lake, which reaches its maximum length and breadth Kumarakom that was nearby. The never-ending paddy fields that are crisscrossed by canals and lakes flanked by a huge period of palm trees with the coconut grooves, the beautiful lagoons, together with panoramic waters make Kumarakom a fascinating place.

The best way to explore this enchanting peninsula is through a journey. You can hire a houseboat and cannot only appreciates the pristine beauty of the Vembanad Lake but might take a close look at the rustic and peaceful way of life of the small hamlet. The houseboat as its name suggests is comparable to your floating house with all the modern facilities. The houseboats are available in single/double/triple and five bedrooms with bathrooms, private balcony, sundeck and kitchen. This enchanting backwater destination is comparable to the crowning glory of Kerala tourism. The way the monsoon season of southwest and northeast ensures this clean land is enchanting.

The enchanting beauty of Kumarakom baits honeymooners within this enchanting place. It's a place to spend some quality time with your loved one. Even though the area is recognized for its backwaters there are many other tourist places in Kumarakom. One such place is a bird. Refuge. You could encounter a big wide range of migratory and water birds and perhaps like a paradise for bird watchers. The optimum time to visit is from June to August. Other places where you are able to unwind include Aruvikuzhi waterfalls, the Bay Island, Driftwood Museum and Pathiramanal. You can visit many religious areas that are located in and around Kumarakom.

Alleppey Backwater Honeymoon

Learn more about the stunning backwaters of Alleppey and allow its ethnic shades to come to you - these Alleppey boathouses bundles will place your Kerala Houseboat vacation mood right having a wide range of unique experiences. It's really thrilling to go for a Kerala houseboat ride, is the spectacular view of the untouched and otherwise unreachable rural Kerala that it offers, while you swim into a relaxed way right through it. Kerala houseboat honeymoon is the ideal way to begin your honeymoon with sharing and caring your dreams with your beloved ones. There are numerous places in Kerala where one can find Kerala Houseboats such as Varkala, Kollam, Kumarakom, Alappuzha, Ernakulam, Thrissur and Kasaragod. Of those, the best known is Alleppey and Kumarakom. The Key to a Kerala backwater vacation is a stay at Kerala Houseboat and among the best options you can find is in Alappuzha and after that Kumarakom. This marvellously designed houseboat features almost all amenities you can expect only in a luxury hotel.

The sensation of staying on the water is a magical experience in itself, and also your stay in Houseboat will improve your moments with the existence of an attendant who's always at your service. Throughout your peaceful stay here, you'll get to enjoy an exploration of lagoons and islands based in the backwaters.


Kovalam Honeymoon Holidays

Kovalam beach is one of the most generally desired beach holiday destination of Kerala. Kovalam has become one of the enchanting seaside destinations with tranquil and exotic views of nature. Kovalam has 3 beaches separated by rocky outcrops on its 17 km coastline, the 3 together form the famous crescent of the Kovalam beach.

Detour after the junction of Kovalam to hit on Samudra Beach that's to the north of Ashoka Beach. The sight of the waves lashing on the stones below is wonderful. Shallow waters are ideal for swimming pools. The beaches have palms coated headlands and are bordered by stores that offer many different services and products. The larger of the beaches is named Lighthouse Beach for its lighthouse which towers over it atop Kurumkal hillock. The 2nd largest one is Hawa Beach named hence for the topless European women who used to throng there. It'd was the first topless beach in India.

Nonetheless, topless bathing is illegal now except coves possessed by resorts. Visitors every day both of those beaches. The northern portion of the beach is known as Samudra Beach in tourism idiom. A massive promontory divides this part from the southern aspect. Samudra Beach does not possess tourists thronging there or even business. The local fishermen ply their trade on this part. The sands on the beaches of Kovalam are partly black in colour. The standard tourist season is from September to May. Ashoka beach also creates part of Kovalam beach.

Wayanad Honeymoon Holidays

Wayanad, affectionately referred to as the green heaven is tucked away from the hills of the Western Ghats. Only a short distance from some of the favourite destinations for tourist destinations in South India like Ooty, Mysore and Coorg, Wayanad is a readily available and significant traveller destination in Kerala. The name Wayanad contrasts into the land of woods and even today, it is vast expanses of virgin forest land, wildlife and blissful nature paths that will awaken your senses. Wayanad tourist places include attractions like the Edakkal Cave, Chembra Peak, Kuruva Island and Lakkidi, which is the highest stage in Wayanad. No trip to Wayanad could be complete without a trip to Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary and Pakshipatahalam, which represents the jungle and the wildlife of this part of Kerala in its best. In case you are searching for some adventure athletic activities, you may set out on jungle paths or trekking expeditions.

Have a look at the Wayanad tour packages to find the best possible activities that fit your requirements. Go for an excursion at the waterfall, Suchippara waterfalls will top off the tranquil Pookot Lake plus Suchippara waterfalls will top off the Wayanad.

Check out the Wayanad bundles for the best possible actions that suit your requirements. Go for a trip in the serene Pookot Lake and a block the scenic Sentinel Rock waterfalls waterfall, Suchippara waterfalls will top off the Wayanad vacations. The Banasura Sagar dam is another attraction. Situated at a distance of 15 Km from Wayanad, Banasura Dam is the biggest land dam in India, flanked by green hills on all three sides. The spectacular views offer considerable photo shoot opportunities, speed boating facilities are offered. Wayanad tourism has a wealthy smattering of cultural and historic sites too. There are many historical spiritual places like Sulthan Bathery Jain Temple, Thirunelli Temple and Valliyoorkavu Temple.

Wayanad has the only temple in Kerala dedicated to Sita and their twin sons of Lord Ram, Lava Kusha. Wayanad has a pleasant climate all around the year, however, the optimal time for sightseeing is between October and February. Wayanad is famous for its monsoon vacations as well that fall between July and September at which you will enjoy the charm and fury of the tropical monsoon at its best. Various stores sell new spices, coffee beans and tea of different flavours. The cultural crafts made from wood cane and coconut shells might be shopped locally. Tourists can hire car rickshaws or taxis or jeeps taxicab to research Wayanad.

For short trips, tourists can hire cycles too. Sightseeing Wayanad provides an eclectic experience for the tourists who reach here in pursuit of tranquillity, adventure or entertaining. For lots of rare birds, animals and vegetation your very own pace, your search may lead you to Wayanad for lots of rare birds, animals and vegetation your very own pace, your search may lead you to Wayanad. Unexplored, this island is a sanctuary for plenty of rare birds, animals and plant life. You might also see individuals in nation ships, fishing on the staircase.

Consequently, in case you are searching for a wonderful holiday destination in the centre of the character, at which one can be in your very own pace, your search may lead you to Wayanad Honeymoon Holidays.

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