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Visit Kerala in February


Kerala the land of appealing beauty is among the must see places in the world. The comfy climate of Kerala and its own pure beauty makes it a wonderful place to visit. kerala visit in february The Kerala climate is mild all through the entire year. It’s never too hot or too cold. Even though the rest of the nation shivers, individuals come to explore the beauty of Kerala. February is undoubtedly the optimum time to explore the beauty of Kerala in India. February can be to explore the beauty of Kerala.

There are a variety of strategies to explore the beauty of Kerala. You can visit the enchanting woods or opt for scenic trekking throughout the enchanting forests or enjoy the cultural flexibility of the country during this festival season. Here are a few of the areas you can visit in Kerala through the month of February.



The Venice of the East is famous all around the world for its beautiful water world that might be easily explored in a houseboat. Travel to Alappuzha at February as the weather will be cooler than the rest of the year. You can enjoy the famous backwaters as you unwind on the houseboat deck. Even though you’re on the cruise you can delight in the fabulous Kerala cuisine that contains the mouth watering karimeen fry, duck curry and masala. You can go for fishing while you’re in Alappuzha.

Learn more about the stunning will set your Kerala Houseboat holiday mood right bundles really exciting to go for a kerala boat ride, is the having a wide range of unique experiences. It’s really exciting to go for a kerala boat ride, is the spectacular view of the untouched and otherwise unreachable Kerala it offers, while you swim into a way right through it. Kerala houseboat honeymoon would be the best way to begin your honeymoon with sharing and caring your fantasies with your beloved ones.



It’s another location in Kerala where you can enjoy the backwaters. The mangrove forests along with the palm fringed roads that border the beautiful lagoons and waterways are a sight to behold. It’s of Kerala backwater tourism, is undoubtedly one special place to bird species. Kumarakom is also a fantastic place to savor the Kerala cuisine that is yummy. Kerala backwater tour, is undoubtedly one special place to your worries and sorrows. Kumarakom, the spine of Kerala tourism, is undoubtedly one particular place to recover your inner soul is made up of cluster of islands. The village of Kumarakom, consists of a cluster of islands, are part of the Kuttanad region, the rice bowl of Kerala and lies 14 km away from it.

This tiny bit of paradise can be found on the banks of Lake Vembanad, which reaches its maximum width and length at Kumarakom. The never ending paddy fields that are crisscrossed by canals and lakes flanked by palm trees with the coconut grooves, the beautiful lagoons, along with waters that are panoramic make Kumarakom a fascinating location on your Kerala Honeymoon. The enchanting beauty of Kumarakom lures honeymooners to this charming location. It is a place to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Even though the place is recognized for its backwaters there is a lot of other sightseeing areas during your Kumarakom Holidays.

One such location is the Kumarakom bird sanctuary. You could come across a big collection of migratory and aquatic birds and is a paradise for bird watchers. The best time to visit is from June to August. Other places where one can visit nearby includes Aruvikuzhi waterfalls, the Bay Island, Driftwood Museum and Pathiramanal. You can visit many religious areas that are located in and around Kumarakom.



The pure beauty of Thekkady is in its entire capacity at the month of February. Go for boating on the Periyar River and you might also see the wildlife of the Periyar National Park in its natural habitat. Bamboo rafting can be a favorite activity of people who visit Thekkady. If you’re searching for a Thekkady excursion, kerala wildlife Tour are the right selection for you. We provide the broadest range of customizable Thekkady tour to fit every sort of traveller from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Chennai, Hyderabad or Bangalore. Learn more about major Thekkady sightseeing points with the assortment of experiential tours and actions contained in Thekkady tour packages.

Thekkady is home to the Periyar Tiger Reserve, which makes it’s a wonderful place to go for expertise and wildlife preservation. Alleppey is about 138 km from Thekkady and a four hour drive throughout the rubber, tea and cardamom plantations. Lot of people commute between both of these loved destinations of Kerala. Visitors are attracted by a water reserve from far and wide. Provided that spotting wildlife is not the goal, sailing is a calm and nice encounter over them tranquil waters overlooked jungle and from hills. They perch for the views of the lake presumably along with these tree stumps.


Welcome to Munnar- the Jewel of God’s own country. It is the largest tea growing region in south india. The rolling valleys and mist laden hill tops will surely make your Munnar honeymoon Tour a memorable one. The favorite Kerala mountain resort experiences cold winters and climate throughout the month of February. The temperatures may sometimes drop very low, but as opposed to other locations within the country, snow is an unknown phenomenon in Munnar. This suggests that sightseeing remains possible during the winter season. The lush greenery of this beautiful mountain resort supplies the best ambiance for Munnar Honeymoon Package for honeymooners and also for family vacations.

The famous Eravikulam National Park is in Munnar where one can find the famous endangered Nilgiri Thar (Mountain Goat). So once you set foot on its terrain, you will be greeted with emerald tea green plantations on rolling mountains. Munnar is a bit of land, fresh and always welcoming. Additionally, it is known as the High Range of Travancore, additionally serves as the industrial real estate of a number of the greatest tea growing estates in the world. Munnar, the town, maybe somewhat overwhelming for all those trying to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life, however ramble somewhat further from the din, and the pleasant view of the emerald green plantation will relieve your sores eyes.

Munnar is a whole lot more than a weekend getaway. It is place for restless spirits. Here we are the best Munnar tour Package for you. Consequently, what’re you waiting for? Pack your bag and plan a charming holiday in Munnar.



It’s also a popular hill station in Kerala that has got everything from valleys hillocks to cascading waterfalls. The mesmerizing beauty of the mist laden mountains of Vagamon may be best appreciated during February. The fresh air of the mountain will assist to rejuvenate your mind and body. A stroll throughout the beautiful pine forests while enjoying the cool breeze is going to be a heavenly experience.

Do not forget to indulge yourself in adventure sports such as paragliding when you’re here. Vagamon is a mountain located in the Idukki area of Kerala. Perched at an altitude of 1100 meters above the sea level, Vagamon enjoys a pleasant climate all around the globe, which has got the name the Scotland of Asia’. National Geographic Traveler has listed Vagamon as among one of the 50 most attractive places to visit in India. It is popular movie shooting location as well. First discovered by the British, Vagamon has evolved to be a favorite Kerala adventure sport destination and holiday retreat from being a Plantation city famous for its tea estates. Free of the footsteps of mass tourism, Vagamon tours will provide you a wonderful opportunity to relax and also to be in sync in character. The rolling valleys, lush green meadows valleys and mountains dotted with pines- everything translates into immense beauty and tranquility.

Vagamon tourism is not just about sightseeing, but in addition offers adequate opportunities for adventure sports. The windy conditions, Rocky Mountains and the sprawling valleys are well suited to activities like paragliding, trekking, mountaineering and mountain climbing. Vagamon Adventure tourism is currently drawing on scores of travelers from far and wide. Vagamon appears to possess a shade of green which extends far beyond your sight. The magnificent spectacles in the form of ravines and gurgling streams and waterfalls make it an ideal vacation spot, even for the occasional weekend wander for any vacationer without a fixed travel holiday destination.

The trip to Vagamon in itself is remarkable encounter. The winding roads cut across the pine forests and rocky gorges will supply the spectacular view of the valleys and the plains legs below you as you inches your way up in a drive. The 3 mountains Thangal, Murugan and Kurisumala hills which are believed represent 3 main religions of Hinduism, muslin and Christians stand tall like the icon of harmony.



It’s another fantastic place to spend your winter holidays. This place perched high in the royal mountain chains of the excellent Western Ghats is blessed by nature in lots of ways with fantastic wildlife sanctuaries, its climate, waterfalls, mountains and, apparent water. There are numerous natural places to be explored in Wayanad like the uninhabited Kuruva Islands, Edakkal Caves, Meenmutty Falls, Chembara Peak, Pookode Lake, Banasura Sagar Dam and Lakkidi which is the highest stage in Wayanad.  Wayanad, affectionately referred to as the green paradise is tucked away from the hills of the Western Ghats. Only a short distance from a number of the favorite destinations for tourist destinations in South India like Mysore, Ooty and Coorg. Wayanad Tour Package is a really an important travel destination in Kerala. The name Wayanad translates to the country of the forests and even today, it is vast expanses of forest land, wildlife and blissful nature trails that will wake up your senses.

No tour to Wayanad can be complete without including a trip to Muthanga wildlife sanctuary and Pakshipatahalam, which represents the wilderness and the wildlife of this part of Kerala at its best. In case you are looking for some adventure sporting activities, you may set out on jungle trails or trekking and hiking expeditions. Check out the Wayanad bundles for the best possible activities that fit your needs. Go for a trip in the tranquil Pookot Lake and a halt the scenic Sentinel Rock waterfalls waterfall, Suchippara waterfalls will top off the Wayanad holidays in style.

The Banasura Sagar dam is another attraction. Located at a distance of 15 Km from Wayanad, Banasura Dam is the greatest earth dam in India, flanked by hills on all three sides. The spectacular views offer you ample photo shoot opportunities, speed boating facilities are also offered. Wayanad tourism has a wealthy smattering of cultural and historical sites too. There are many historical religious places like Sulthan Bathery Jain Temple, Thirunelli Temple and Valliyoorkavu Temple. Wayanad has the only temple in Kerala dedicated to Sita and their twin sons of Lord Ram, Luv & Kush. Wayanad has a pleasant climate all round the year, but the optimum time for sightseeing is between October and Feb.


Kovalam beach is one of the exotic beach holiday destination of Kerala. Kovalam has become the one of the enchanting beach destination with exotic and most tranquil views of character. Kovalam has three beaches separated by rocky extensions in its 17 km coastline, the 3 together form the famous crescent of the Kovalam beach.

• Lighthouse Beach
This is the southernmost beach in kovalam, the Lighthouse Beach is the one most repeatedly visited by tourist, Lighthouse Beach got its name due to the old Vizhinjam Lighthouse located on a 35 metre high on top of the Kurumkal hillock. The lighthouse is constructed using stones, is colored in red and white rings and appreciates a height of 118 legs. It’s intermittent beams through the night depart the beach with an appeal.
• Hawah Beach
Eve’s Beach, more commonly known as Hawa Beach, ranks second, in the very first day, is a beehive of activities with fishermen. With a rock peninsula along with a tranquil bay of blue waters, this beach paradise produces a view on moonlit nights.
• Samudra Beach
A promontory divides this part from the southern aspect. Samudra Beach doesn’t have tourists thronging there or business. The local fishermen plies their trade on this part.


Little-known Marari beach, very close to Alleppey in Kerala, is fantastic for anybody who while exploring the Kerala backwaters and feels to spend some time on the beach. Located 11 km from the tiny town of Alleppey, this tranquil beach is the ideal excursion for vacationers headed into the backwaters south-east of Cochin. Marari Beach is the ideal location for Kerala Beach holidays. With palm trees lining the silver sand, the beach is a pleasure for sore eyes. Named after the small fishing village of Mararikulam, its pristine and serene character makes it convenient for relaxation. Even though Marari Beach is a straightforward trip from Aleppey and Cochin, there’s some really good accommodation available, including the luxurious and Marari Beach Resort, the sea overlooking a Symphony beach hotel, along with numerous boutique and homestay options.

The Marari Beach close Alappuzha is one such beach. Marari Beach’s beauty is such that it has earned a reputation of being among the best beaches in Kerala. Due to the space of the Marari Beach is an easy 30-minute drive from the popular backwater destination of Alappuzha, the Marari Beach happens to be a part of every traveller’s destination.

It is great place to visit for those that travel to Kerala to explore the beautiful backwaters, but then would like to take a break by paying a visit to somewhere by the sea, then that is the Marari Beach. Although this beach is not at the itinerary of tourists and neither will a lot of guide books will chat about it, but travelers who likes to explore the corners of a destination will visit the Marari Beach in Kerala. Among the things that create the Marari beach really beautiful and pristine is the fact that it is still lesser known and hasn’t been influenced by the over the creation of popular tourist attractions.

The Marari Beach is situated at a distance of 60 km from Kochi, which is another popular travel destination in Kerala and has also gained its fame owing to a beach.

Kochi-chinese-fishing nets


This is the commercial capital of Kerala is also a great spot to enjoy the February vacation. Commonly known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, Cochin has among the best natural harbours in the world and the gateway to the charming backwaters of Kerala. Kochi is the financial capital of Kerala and is currently one of the quickest growing cities in India. It’s comprised of a set of islands spread across the Vembanad Lake.

It’s probably the most crucial and also the natural harbors in India. Kochi with its own mall culture is a superb place to do shopping and also to hang out. There are lots of cultural, historic in addition to naturally blessed places in and around Kochi like Paradesi Synagogue, several beaches, Vypeen Island, Fort Kochi, Mattancherry, Marine Drive, Thattekad bird refuge, Bolghatty Islands, The largest man made island the Willingdon Island is also part of Kochi.

An intriguing ensemble of varied cultures such as the Portuguese, Jew, English, French, Dutch and Chinese, Kochi is a tapestry of diverse and vibrant colors, that attracts scores of tourists from far and wide to its shores. The most significant activity in any Cochin tourist destination could be a ferry ride across the vast expanse of Kochi backwaters. Hemmed by swaying coconut palms and leaves that are Chinese silhouetted against the background of the setting sun, the backwaters create a stunning spectacle. Cochin backwaters occupy a top slot at the tourist map of this gorgeous city. Regardless of regardless if you’re here in Cochin to explore the charm of a bygone era, savor the tantalizing sea food delicacies, research the cultural heritage and art types or simply to break loose from the daily life, Cochin will be a fantastic selection.

There are many admired tourist attractions around including Bolgatty Island, where the Bolgatty Palace, built by the Dutch in 1744 stands. The manmade island of Willington Island is the other must-see spot in Cochin. It was made by filling the dredged soil around a tiny natural island that existed formerly.

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