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Kerala backwaters comprise a serene stretch of lakes, canals and lagoons located parallel to the coast of the Arabian Sea. Kerala backwater tours are a wonderful way to enjoy the scenic beauty of these unique landscapes.

Explore probably the most spectacular Kerala backwaters, which will be in Alleppey. A locale both for tourists and travellers. The very best way to get around and research is a houseboat or a spending budget-friendly ferry. Wave to the local childrens in vivid dresses passing by the coconut trees. The picturesque offered by this locale is unbeatable among the numerous backwater tours in Kerala. See duck fleet quacks together, moving through the backwaters in perfect harmony. Like a patty at a hamburger, kerala backwater lies in between the hills and the ocean. The tourists frequent this location, due to their passion to witness the glistening backwaters, which includes rivers, canals and lakes on either side with lush greenery and Kerala lifestyle, which remains unrevealed.

Indeed among the best Kerala backwater tour, enjoy the picturesque sites of paddy fields and coconut trees swaying, exotic village life right by your side while you navigate through a network of canals which blend in the big square of water at the Vembanad Lake.