The Parambikkulam Wildlife Sanctuary here spreads over an area of 285 sq km on the Western Ghats. This Sanctuary is an oasis of tranquil greenery nestled in a valley between the Anamalai ranges of Tamilnadu and the Nelliyampathy ranges of Kerala.

The sanctuary is endowed with a peninsular flora and fauna, which has been excellently conserved, thanks largely to minimal human interference. With a total area of 285 Sq. Kms, it is home to different races of indigenous people who are an integral part of the harmonious ecosystem. This thick, opulent habitat of the sanctuary with ample water sources makes it a hospitable abode for wildlife and a veritable treat for tourists. A visitor here is often overwhelmed by the pristine power of Nature and is sure to take back treasured memories of animal sightings in the lap of Mother Nature.

Boat cruises can be arranged in the Parambikkulam Reservoir. Trekking in the sanctuary is possible with the permission of forest officials. There is a tree-house in the Reserve Forest area in Thoonakkadavu, the headquarters of Parambikkulam, which has to be booked in advance. The Rest Houses of the State Forest Department at Thoonakkadavu, Thellikkal and Elathode offer comfortable lodging.

Enlisting the services of a guide to take you through the Sanctuary would be advisable. As you walk through the thick forests of bamboo, teak, rosewood and sandalwood, you may be lucky to spot sloth bears, sambhar, chital, tigers, panthers, elephants and crocodiles. Keep a look out for cobras, kraits, vipers, macaques, darters, turtles, cormorants and black eagles that are also found here. Enjoy the feeling of being a guest in the animal kingdom! You will see herds of bison or gaur grazing in the wild. A must see for the ardent wildlife enthusiast or nature lover.

Flora at Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary: The major species include turtles, spectacled cobras, panther, elephant, deer, gaur, horns, antlers, monkeys and lemurs. The Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is also blessed with tiger, kraits, bonnet macaques, vipers, darters, little cormorants, bison, and black eagles.

Fauna at Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary: Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is blessed with a large collection of herbs, shrubs, trees and climbers. The rich vegetation in this locality makes it one of the most prolific places to visit. There are also manu birds, reptiles and many other kinds of animals that make the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary amust visit place for all nature lovers.

Climate: The sanctuary receives much heaviyer rains between June and August. The eastern part of the sanctuary receives more rains in October-November. Temperature drops substantially and mist envelops the sanctuary in the morning hours.

Best Time to See Wildlife: September to May

How to Reach Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary?

By Air: Mysore and Bangalore are the nearest airports.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is Mysore (at a distance of 80 kilometers)

By Bus: Parambikulam can be approached from all parts of the country. The sanctuary is well connected to various states by a fine network of roads.

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