Dandeli wildlife sanctuary is the calm and peaceful Wildlife Sanctuary of Karnataka which is located in upper Karnataka, near Goa and is 834 sq. km. one of the reputed and the largest wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka. This Sanctuary is located in Nestling some very rare animal and birds is an unspoilt, untouched and unexplored treasure of wildlife that is sure to leave you spellbound.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary abounds with a richness of Flora and Fauna. Its richness and diversity offers ample opportunities to nature lovers to enjoy the captivating landscape. This sanctuary is generally undulating with steep slopes with picturesque deep river valleys and rich hilly forest terrain. The undulating streams, swaying bamboos, abundance of wildlife, sylvan surroundings and trekking tracts make Dandeli sanctuary a unique holiday destination. River /kali and its tributaries, Kaneri and Nagajhari, meander through the forest. Sighting animals is difficult and always involves an element of luck.

Evening ride in a coracle (a circular boat, woven with bamboo and lined with buffalo hide), down the river Kali is memorable. The leisurely drift of the coracle allows you to watch hornbills returning to nest in tall trees on river banks, observe darters drying their plumes on deadwood entrenched in the river and admire egrets flying against an orange sky. 35 km from Dandeli National Park is Syntheri rocks, awsome monolithic granite structure amidst thick forest, with the perennial river Kaneri flowing by its side. There are innumerable trekking trails and fishing spots at Dandeli.

Fauna at Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary : The sanctuary is home o the barking, spotted and mouse deer, sloth bear, panther, tiger, gaur, elephant, wild dog, civet cat, bison, jackal, langur and giant flying squirrel, besides a variety of colourful birds and reptiles. The reptilian and amphibian fauna of the region include a variety of ruffles and frogs.

Adventure : Jungle safari, Canoe Tours, Elephant Rides, Boat, Coracle Rides, White-Water Rafting, snorkeling, Parasailing, Trekking,, Picnic Spots.

Climate : The climate in Dandeli Kali wildlife sanctuary in very fair, somewa\hat rainy and a perfect blend of summer and winter.

Best time to Visit : December to May.

How to reach B R Hills Wildlife Sanctuary?

By Air : The nearest airport is in Dabolim (Goa) at a distance of 145 kilometers.

By Rail : The nearest railway station is in Londa at a distance of 25 kilometers. Other railway stations are in Dharwad at a distance of 57 kilometers and Hubli at a distance of 72 kilometers.

By Water : The nearest big station by road is Dharwar at a distance of 50 kilometers. However, the best way to reach Dandeli by road is to travel from Karwar, which is at a distance of 120 kilometers.

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