Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple Sanctuary is located across an area of 540 sq. km. in south-east Karnataka. There are over 50 species of Birds. The Sholaga tribal people live inside the sanctuary. A portion of Biligiri Hills is regarded sacred by Sholaga people. Sholaga people are the natives of Biligiri Hills. About five thousand Sholaga people reside in this area and practice hunting and shifting cultivation. In 1974 the region was declared as the Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple (BRT) Wildlife Sanctuary.

The B.R.T. Wildlife Sanctuary is well known for its rich diversity of flora and fauna. Fauna at this sanctuary includes Wild elephants, Sloth bear, Gaur, Wild dogs etc. The sanctuary has a large variety of plant and animal species. It is unique because it has scrub, dry decidous, moist deciduous, semi-evergreen, evergreen and shola forests. The area has got a number of endemic species and medicinal plants.

The park is one of the richest wildlife areas in India. It is noted particularly for its intact assemblage of seven large ungulate (having hooves) species - the Muntjac, Chital, Sambar, Chousingha, Gaur, wildpig and the elephant. Also, to be considered are three large predatory carnivores - Tiger, Leopard and the Dhole. This area is a fascinating forest environment because of a very high ratio of predator and prey species.
Best Time to See Wildlife : June to October

Most comfortable time to Visit : November to May

How to reach B R Hills Wildlife Sanctuary?

By Air : The nearest airport is located at Bangalore.

By Rail : The nearest railway station is located at Bangalore.

By Road : 90 kms from Mysore & 254 kms from Bangalore.

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