Wayanad the green paradise - the border world of the greener part of Kerala. Situated not far from Calicut or the city of Zamorins, Wayanad is a world apart from Kerala’s agricultural and industrial epicenters. It is a quiet place where scenic beauty, wild life and tradition matter, simplicity is a virtue and beauty still blossoms from the mountainous horizon and from the green glaze of alluring vegetation. Clean and pristine, enchanting and hypnotizing, this land has a history and mystery, culture and social epistemology yet to be discovered…

Places of interest:

Kuruva Island: The Kuruva Island is uninhabited and is 950 acres of evergreen forest on the tributaries of east following river Kabani, is an ideal picnic spot, far away from the disturbance of city life. Rare spicies of birds, orchids and herbs are the sovereigns of this supernal kingdom. It is 17 kms. east of Mananthavady and 40 kms. north west of Sulthan Bathery.

Pakshipathalam: To reach Pakshipathalam, seventeen kms have to be covered through wild forest. Pakshipathalam is in the Brahmagiri hills at Thirunelli is a challenging tourist spot for any adventure seeking tourist. The deep rock caves, formed among the thick blocks of rocks at the northern top end of the Brahmagiri, are the abode of various birds and wild beasts.

Pazhassi Tourist Resort: Pazhassi Tourist Resort at Mananthavady is a good picnic centre in north Wayanad having a good aquarium. Coin -operated toys for children and boating facilities for tourists are available here. Pazhassi Raja, the Lion of Kerala, who organized guerilla type warfare against British East India Company, was cremated here in 1805. These carvings speak of a highly civilized people of pre-historic are and inspires the archaeologists and historians to rewrite the history of Wayanad and Kerala as a whole.

Begur Wildlife Sanctuary: This wildlife Sanctuary is 20kms. east of Manathavady. This Sanctuary has a wide variety of animals.

Chembra Peak: Chembra peak, the highest hill in Wayanad, is near Meppady town. Trekking to the top of the peak takes almost a day. The hills, rocks and valleys, which contribute to the very unique character of Wayanad, provide a lot of adventure tourism. Trekking to the Chembra peak is a risky mountaineering Endeavour. The scenic beauty of Wayanad, which is visible from the top of Chembra, is very exhilarating.

Banasura Sagar Dam: This Dam is the largest earth dam in India. The topography here is such that many islands will be formed in the upstream of the dam when the dam is full. These islands with the background of the Banasura hill will provide a hypnotizing sight to tourists.

Menumutty Waterfalls: This waterfall is 29kms. from Kalpetta on the Ooty Main Road. An interesting 2kms. jungle trek will lead to the largest and most spectacular waterfall in Wayand. Water drops from nearly 1000 ft. over three stages, presenting a triple decker effect.

Soochippara Waterfall: The waterfalls at Soochippara near Meppadi are really a treasure of nature, yet to be discovered. The stretches of waterfalls ranging at places from 100 to 300 feet height are a treat to the eyes. The pool below provides for water rafting, swimming, bathing, etc. The tree top huts at Soochippara give a unique view of the valleys of the Western Ghats and the glimmering shallow waters of the surrounding spring.

Sulthan Bathery
Edakkal Caves: These Caves are a fissure made by a corner of rock splitting off from the main body due to some natural causes. This location is breath-taking beauty is three kilometers from Ambalavayal which is 25 kms. from Kalpetta. The rock wall contains some interesting carvings, which represent human and animal figures and objects of human use and symbols. These carvings speak of a highly civilized people of pre-historic are and inspires the archaeologists and historians to rewrite the history of Wayanad and Kerala as a whole.

Chethalayam Falls: This Waterfall is 12kms. from Sulthan Bathery. A lovely place to visit, trekking enthusiast are sure to enjoy the climb up the Rocks to the waterfall

Muthanga Wild Life Sanctuary: This Sanctuary is 16 kms. east of Sulthan Bathery, is located very near to the Karnataka border. Wild forests covering an area of 345 sq.kms. from Muthanga Wild Life Sanctuary; the biggest abode of wild animals in Malabar. Elephant, spotted deer, bison, tiger, cheetah, wild bear, etc. are found in this sanctuary. The Forest Department has facilities for providing elephant rides to tourists here.

Lakkidi: Lakkidi is about 58 kms. north east of Kozhikode and five kms. south of Vythiri. One of the highest locations in Wayanad, Lakkidi also commands picturesque scenery. Lakkidi, the gateway of Wayanad, lies atop Thamarassery, The lofty mountain peaks, the gurging stream, luxuriant vegetation and the bird's eye view of the deep valley on the south, with its winding roads, are breath taking. The 12kms. long journey from Adivaram to Lakkidi through ghats road with nine hairpin bends amidst thick forests, is a fascinating experience.

Pookot Lake: This Lake is a natural fresh water lake, brimmed with evergreen mountains. The weather here is salacious; the scenic beauty, hypnotizing and the nature, unspoiled. Pookot Lake tourist resort in Vythiri is the most sought after tourist spot of Wayanad. There is an aquarium and a green house here. Boating facilities also are available. Spices and handicraft items are also arranged for sale Pookot. The lake has an area of 8.5ha.and the maximum water depth is 6.5mtrs.This lake is three kms. south of Vythiri.

Sentinel Rock Waterfall: This waterfall is at Vellarimala village near Chooralmala in Meppadi panchayat. It is both picnic spot as well as trekking centre. The sentinel rock, a rock of more than 200m.in height, is ideal for rock climbing.

Karalad Lake: This Lake is just 8kms. from Vythiri. A recreational Park as well as facilities for angling & boating is provided here. One of the exciting features of this Lake is Tekking.

Things to Do

In the months of monsoon (in rains!!) from 3rd July to 11th July 09 one can have activities like Rafting/biking/trekking/slush football. Crab catching, paddy transplantation in slush etc to name a few.

One can watch Indoor events like local folk arts, Gazals, cinematic dances, songs, Kathakali, Kalaripayuttu and many others .The artists of the events will be professionals. The indoor venue will also feature 30 shops that sell local artifacts, spices etc. This besides will also feature food court and tribal food counter.

Quick Facts

Location: Wayanad is located in the North-eastern part of Kerala, it is a land-locked district bordered by Coorg, Malappuram, Kozhikode and Kannur districts. Wayanad is at a distance of about 67 km from Kozhikode.

Climate: It is advisable to avoid visiting during the monsoon season unless you are particular about seeing the place in its wettest and greenest best. The summers are usually hot and humid.

Best Time to Visit: Best time to visit Wayanad is between August and March.

How to Reach Wayanad?

By Air: The nearest airport is at Kozhikode, Calicut and is at a distance of around 100 kilometers from Wayanad. One can also access this place from the Cochin International Airport, which is at a distance of around 300 kilometers from this place.

By Rail: The nearest railway station is at Calicut and is at a distance of around 110 kilometers from this place. Wayanad is well connected by a good network of railways and a number of trains frequent this place.

By Roads: Wayanad is well connected by a wide network of roads and this place can be easily accessed from anywhere in Kerala and from neighboring states.

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