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Kerala Tourism

As the dawn breaks, Kerala shines, signalling visitors yet another learning day from the state. Dolled up in green, the state calls out to travellers from far and near to enjoy a vacation in India like no other. The major allurement of Kerala lies in his topography where it’s fringed by the azure blue Arabian Sea on its western side, the east is protected by the mighty and famous western Ghats. Additionally, it enjoys a cordial relationship with a few scenic spots in the neighbouring states of Karnataka in the north and Tamil Nadu in its east and south.

The state opens its doors to beach holidays, family vacations, honeymoon tours, wildlife adventures, Ayurveda treatments tours and pilgrimages. Therefore inviting travellers of all kinds to pacify their wanderlust. Running parallel to the Arabian Sea, the shoreline of Kerala, measuring 580 km in length boasts a few of the most picturesque beaches in India like Marari, Kovalam and Varkala. Adorned with variety swaying palm and coconut palms, the beaches here a valuable part of the Kerala tourism. Expect of tranquillity, thrilling hours of watersports, days and comfy moments of drifting on the sandy beach, what, the perfect image of the sunrise and sunset is something which could stay etched in the memory forever.

Giving a good run to unspoiled beaches are the backwaters of Kerala, a cruise along them will be possibly the most wonderful experience that the state can offer. On, what’s called, Kettuvallam (Houseboat), explores the labyrinthine network of rivers that renders a peek of the villages and one of a kind lifestyle of Kerala. To find the best backwaters adventure in Kerala, ideal selections will be Alleppey and Kumarakom on the edge of Vembanad Lake, and Kollam between Ashtamudi Lake and the Arabian Sea.

An ideal vacation in Kerala would mean exploring the various colours and moods of the nation. And what allures passengers from the state is its diversity. The way the topography drastically changes within a distance of 150 km is what renders the tourists thrilled, too, how every landscape compliments the other is also thrilling to witness. Kerala’s beach and backwaters are accompanied by its lush and surreal hill stations, of which Munnar, Wayanad and Vagamon are the best examples.

Dotted with rolling tea gardens and lush vegetation and containing pure air, tranquil environment and the warmth of the people, they make for some great travel destinations in Kerala. Inside the rocky cliffs in Kerala, there are several more beautiful secrets. Kalamachal and nelliyampathy are very hill stations along with Devikulam and Idukki, which has a number of the most picturesque places in Kerala.
In Kerala, tourist could catch sight of the chattering waterfalls, cascading from gigantic rocky cliffs. The swishing and whooshing sound of the water streams add to the enchanting beauty of the state. Athirappilly, Palaruvi, and Thommankuthu are a number of the magnificent waterfalls in Kerala. The waterfalls can be seen in the full stream right following the monsoon season. These waterfalls may not be the highest or the largest, but they’re a few of the most beautiful.

With the Western Ghats on its side, Kerala is a specimen of fauna and flora. Green surroundings and weather conditions make Kerala an ideal habitat for a high number of migratory birds. Over 500 species of migratory birds are available in the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Periyar and Tattekad bird sanctuary. About 3, 500 species of flowering plants have been identified in Kerala, as well as countless numbers of grasses, ferns, and herbs. Home to several species, Kerala harbours a number of the richest biodiversity in India.

Beasts can also be the beauty as well, and elephant pageants in Kerala are an ideal example of that. The region of Thrissur and Palakkad are home to 700 elephants. There’s the Periyar Wildlife Reserve, which homes to royal tigers. To get an adventurous experience, among the best things to do in Kerala is to visit the kite park Parassinikkadavu. Snakes have been preserved in the Parassinikkadavu Snake Park, including the mighty King Cobra.

Another characteristic that’s worth researching in the state is its rich culture and traditions, which in every way leave visitors smiling. Be it dance forms like Kathakali and Mohiniattam or the martial arts forms like Kalaripayattu, be it boat making skills or the coir products or the awesome snake boat races, everything has its way to charm the visitors.

A wide variety of Ayurveda remedies which is based on Ashtangadhridaya text, make Kerala an essential hub for a tour in India. The condition is famed for its five-pronged treatment, panchakarma where herbs, milk, medicated oils, massage and a specific diet plan are included. Those seeking remedies with Ayurveda in Kerala can visit areas like Palakkad, Poovar, Kovalam and Kumarakom. The tourism of Kerala is blossom with the odour of its spice market, the state boasts promoting and growing quality of spices and also the best place to test its Kumily close to Thekkady.

Kerala is home to a number of the most impressive churches, temples and mosques. St. Francis Church in Kochi is said to be the earliest European constructed church in India, it was once made by the Portuguese Franciscan brothers from 1503. The renowned Portuguese explorer, Vasco da Gama was buried in St. Francis Church for 14 decades. The state was once home to the Jewish community. In Kochi, there’s the famous Paradesi Synagogue of the Jew community, it’s the oldest surviving synagogue in the Commonwealth of Nations.
At the heart of Thiruvananthapuram, there’s a 360-year-old Shri Padmanabhaswamy Temple, that is known to be the richest temple of India. Kerala is a state that where spiritual relaxations provides provides people with the choice to profess their faith. Besides from spiritual destinations in Kerala, the museums have carried forwards its age-old heritage. They’re a timekeeper of history while showcasing a lot of artifacts and remains of the times.

One can see a great number of copper and bronze sculptures. In the museums of Kerala, one will discover a wide range collection of coins and artifacts belonging to ancient times.

We, at would be happy to help you explore the scenic destination of Kerala, and therefore, offer to you best Kerala holiday packages and deals. With our best Kerala travel packages, you can rest assured for a hassle free and memorable holiday in Kerala.

Are you searching for ways to plan the perfect vacation in Kerala? Have you ever researched what is the best Kerala tour? You are landed on the right blog that explains how to tour kerala.

Kerala, popularly known as God’s Own Country has got many spectacular views and rich culture. The state has so many things to offer to each and every person who visit this exotic land. So first you need to decide on the kind of holiday you seek and then plan accordingly. First decide upon the arrival and departure dates, the places you may visit can depend upon this. Once it is set, contact Kerala tourism company – Rover Holidays Pvt. Ltd. to help you decide your Kerala vacation in line with your budget.

The tour planners could assist you to decide the places you may visit within the specific time period. First tell them the kind of vacation you are planning e.g. family vacation, honeymoon, adventure trip, pilgrimage etc… This would help them to identify the kind of package suitable for you.

Select places that are more close to each other so that you don’t have to travel much from one point to another. Once you have decided on the places you want to visit then book your tickets and your arrival point should be closer to your actual vacation destination.

The period between September to February is considered as the tourism season in Kerala. Famous tourist places in Kerala are the backwaters of Alappuzha, Kumarakom, Kollam, beaches like Kovalam, Varkala, Mararikulam, Cherai, hill stations – Munnar, Nelliyampathy, Wayanad etc… Nature walks, spice tours and adventure tourism are also provided by the tour operators in the state.

If you are here for pilgrimage the state has a lot of diverse pilgrimage centers that includes many temples, churches and mosques.
Selecting the correct Kerala tour package offered by the tour operator is the most vital factor. If you are planning to have a houseboat ride with family during your stay in Kerala then it is better to organise it on the second day of your vacation. It would give you enough time on the cruise.

You can even hire the houseboat for an overnight stay, but if you have kids in your travel group it is better to spend the night at any resort than at the boat. Well, kids will be kids and they will be impatient and get bored once the houseboat is moored for the night. But for those on their honeymoon or are travelling minus the kids the overnight stay in a houseboat will be really pleasant.

If you want to explore more while you are in Alappuzha and you have time in your hands, then venture into packages that allows you to visit places like the beaches of Alappuzha and Kochi, Thekkady (a visit to the Periyar National Park), Kumarakom (backwaters and bird sanctuary), Athirappilly waterfalls, Munnar and other hill stations around it.

If you have very limited time in your hands then don’t think about covering all these places within that period. You need time to properly enjoy all these places.

Those who are on Kerala honeymoon trip should select places like Munnar, Thekkady, Nelliyampathy, Wayanad (hill stations), Athirappilly waterfalls, Alappuzha/Kumarakom, (the backwaters), Kovalam/Varkala beaches etc… These are some of the most romantic places in the state.

For the adventure spirits, there are watercourse rafting, canoeing, kayaking, mountain climbing, wild life safaris, and trekking options available in Kerala.

Before selecting places to visit in Kerala you should talk to your tour planner to understand the time it will take you to reach from one point to another. For e.g.: if you are in Wayanad for your honeymoon and you also wish to visit the Kovalam beach, a favourite tourism spot, then you will need to be prepared to travel a lot as both the places are in the opposite ends of the state.

So it is better to hit a beach on the northern side of Kerala like the Bekal, Kappad or Beypore beaches while you are in Wayanad.
If you are planning to spend your vacation in Kerala during the tourist season it is better to book your packages, accommodation and tickets in advance to avoid confusion. So while you are here you just have to enjoy the vacation and should not be bothering about the accommodation, travelling and all.

Don’t forget to try the mouth watering Kerala cuisines while you are here.
And if you are customising the tour packages then don’t forget to book your return tickets from a point that is nearer to your final vacation spot.