Parassinikadavu: The Sri Muthappan Temple is situated on the banks of the Valapattanam River, about 18 kms from Kannur in Parassinikadavu. This temple is famous for the Muthappan Theyyam ceremony which is performed every morning and evening. This temple is one of the important pilgrim sites of Kerala.

Trichambaram Temple: This temple is dedicated to the Lord Krishna. This Temple is one of the famous sacred place of the Vaishnavas. The sculptures on the walls of the temple are very unique. The annual temple festival, usually held in March, is a very colourful festival held in this temple.

Thodeekulam Siva Temple: Thodeekulam Siva Temple was constructed 2,000 years ago and was closely connected with the Pazhassi Raja family of Kottayam. This temple is located about 2 km from Kannavam on the Thalasseri-Mananthavady road in the Kannur district. The temple is famous for its mural paintings.

Sree Ramaswami Temple, Thiruvangad: This Temple is located in Thiruvangad, about 23 kms. from Kannur. The temple is dedicated to Sri Rama and one of the most important temples in Malabar. The exquisite carvings in the temple were done about 400 years ago.

Madayi Para: The Madayi Kavu Temple, the Vadukunnu Temple and the 12th century mosque built by Malik bin Dinar with white marble imported from Arabia, are the major attractions in Madayi Para.

Cherukunnu: The place Cherukunnu is famous for its Anna Poorneswari Temple. There is a Kathakali Panchavadya school called Ashtikalaya near the temple. The weeklong annual festival falls in April.

Kottiyoor: This places is famous Siva Temple here, on the banks of the River Bavali. During the month of May or June, lakhs of devotees attend the annual festival that lasts for 27 days.

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