The cuisine of Kerala is as diversified as the state itself. The traditional food in Kerala is served on banana leaves and is eaten with right hand. You will find a huge variety of items and each will have a unique taste of its own. The people of Kerala use many types of spices in their cooking. The staple food is rice and along with rice, you will get a wide variety of gravy and non-gravy curries. Curd also forms an important part of the cuisine of Kerala.

World’s best Breakfast: Kerala wakes up to one of the delicious & nutritional breakfast in the world. Some of the items that are usually occupy the morning table are the puttu (made of rice flour and coconut) and Kadala (gram) curry; idiappam (noodle like rice cakes) and egg/vegetable curry; appam (soft centered lacy pancakkes) and mutton/Vegetable stew.

Sumptuous Sadya: Served on a plantain leaf and eaten with the hand, the sadya is the traditional feast of Kerala. The sadya includes an amazing variety of 40 vegetarian delights. Crispy pappadam (wafers deep fried in the coconut oil) and a variety of pickles accompany this sumptuous spread. The sadya is rounded off with different varieties of Payasam (sweet deserts). Desserts form an integral part of Kerala cuisine. "Payasam" is a popular dessert, which is an absolute must if you are visiting Kerala. Another type of payasam that is known as "Adapradhaman" is made of rice and milk. It is very popular during any function and family get together.

Non Veg Delights: With a long coastline over 44 Rivers innumerable lagoons and lakes, Kerala has abundant marine wealth.  The delicious sea foods are prawn, lobsters, Crabs, mussels etc. all enticingly cooked with exotic spices. Karimeen or pearlspot a backwater fish and is famous for its delicious taste.

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