Three tribal settlements and four natural caves provide significance to this mystic land. Legends say that the pool here was a bathing place for Panchali the heroine of Mahabharata. The beautiful valleys of Poonchira spread across thousands of acres and the verdant landscape punctuated by the gigantic hills, is a unique feature of this land. During monsoon season, the water that gets accumulated over a wide area looks like a placid lake, reflecting the rain clouds and the majestic mountains.

The pristine beauty of nature is preserved almost intact in this small region. During the monsoons when the valley fill up to form a scenic lake, this place unveils yet another beautiful slice of nature. This place is about 3000 m above sea level is a suitable place for mountaineering.

How to Reach Elaveezhapoonchira?

By Air: Cochin International Airport is 230km away.
By Train: Kottayam Railway Station located nearly 60km away.

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