This internationally renowned beach of Kerala comprises of three adjacent crescent shaped beaches. The southernmost, known as the Lighthouse beach, is the most popular. The amazing Arabian Sea, the golden glowing sands and the coconut canopies all come together as a package for the picture perfect holiday. The Beach is just 16kms. from Trivandrum. A sheltered natural bay with cool soothing palms and gentle waves. Where when you are tired of aquatics, swimming or sunbathing, you can explore the handicrafts, jewellery and cloth shops spread along the waterfront. Not to speak of the delightful sea-food fare including lobsters available at the beachside restaurants. The crescent-shaped beaches of Kovalam can be divided in three parts. The southern most beaches, and the most popular, are the Lighthouse Beach. Further south on the beach one can have a spectacular view of the Vizhinzam mosque. Photography is prohibited here.

The middle beach is called Hawah. Each morning this beach acts as a base for the local fisherman. The northern most beach, Samudra, is least affected of all by the changing times. It is dotted with few rudimentary wooden fishing vessels.

A Bit of Sightseeing

The first sight that will captivate you is that of the Vizhinjam Lighthouse. Dominating the rocky promontory, the lighthouse still glows in the darkness of night at regular intervals. The light emitted by it during this time creates a magical atmosphere on the beach which you will definitely love. A small mosque by the name of Kovalam Jama Masjid stands on the Ashok beach and right across, on the other side of the road, is a Ganapati Temple. You can pay a visit to both these religious places while on Kovalam beach.

Explore yourself with Fun and Entertainment. Kovalam beach is an ideal place for swimming, kayaking, surfing and skiing. However, take care as though the water here may look very quiet, yet it has a history of quiet a few drowning cases. Instructions are given in English, Hindi, Malayalam and German that specifically point out that only the area marked by green flag is safe for tourists. The red flags indicate zones that can be precarious if ventured into. There are lifeguards as well, so pay attention to the instructions and you will have nothing but fun on the beach.

Angling is also an option open for you. You only need to hire a boat from a fisherman and set out to get your catch. If you are hiring a traditional catamaran, it is advisable that you take along the fisherman as well for your safety. Explore other activities like handicraft, jewellery and cloth shops that line up along the beach and pick up the ones you like. Alternatively, a brilliant Kathakali performance, the classical dance drama of Kerala, will surely raise your spirits.

Explore the Beach

The rocky promontories still invite you to view some magnificent sights from the top, especially during sunset. Walk barefooted on the sands of the beach and admire the greenery around. And before you forget, there are numerous restaurants on the beaches that are fairly good place to enjoy typical Kerala sea food as well as some Swiss and German specialties.


By Air: The nearest airport is Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) about 15kms from Kovalam.

By Rail: Thampanur railway station in Trivandrum is an important rail head of the Southern Railway and is well linked to major towns up country as well as within the State just 15 Kilometers from Kovalam.

By Road: Thiruvananthapuram the capital City of Kerala is easily accessible by road.


  • Putting on hat is an intelligent step as that will cover up whole of head region of the body.
  • Sunglasses of dark shades prevent eyes from sun rays. Also, sunglasses must have glasses composed of material that do not affect the eyes.
  • Do not expose whole body to the sun and sands. It is recommended that one should put on and cover up upper region of the body as well. Also, knickers and lowers are useful in the beaches.
  • Slippers or shoes are also required for the beaches.

LOTION AND OTHER GELS - Sun lotions or gels safeguard the body parts and coat the epidermis. However; one must be selective for the kind of gels and lotions used. Lip guard and other gels prevent skin from tanning and drying up of the skin.

OTHER PREVENTIVE MEASURES - Especially kids and old age people must be very cautious as they are overt to the beach hazards. One should be always prepared for any kinds of injuries like bruises and even sand getting into the eyes. Also, one must avoid going to the beaches when sun rays are direct and winds are blowing at high speed.

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