Kerala has a range of ecotourism projects that provide the discerning visitor a unique experience. Jungle Trekking is one of such project. All ecotourism projects are designed to preserve the environment and to provide sustainable development with active participation of the local community.

By visiting this project you will have an experience of a lifetime and will be contributing to the conservation and welfare of the local community. Jungle trekking programme is a part of the regular night patrolling in the fringe eco- development zones of the tiger reserve. This Programme is mainly done in Thekkady.

The trekking could be at any time between 7 pm. and 4 am. and could be taken by persons having proper physical and mental fitness to trek through the wilderness in the night. The maximum duration for a slot is 3 hours and the maximum capacity of one slot is limited to 8 visitors (to move in two separate teams). They will accompany two protection watchers and one armed forest guard! Try the limits of your senses-sight, hearing and smell and take in the totally different world of nocturnal jungle life.

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