One of the best possible ways to experience the kaleidoscopic state of Kerala is a cruise along its backwaters. Any leisure cruise in Kerala reveals its natural beauty and cultural heritage. It is the Kerala backwaters cruises that complete the tour to southern India.  The countryside when experienced on the Kerala cruises is an enduring, experience.

For the nature lovers cruises in Alleppey region of Kerala displays the fantabulous flora and fauna. Cruises in Kuttanad area of Kerala bring you in the lap of Mother Nature with the gorgeous green paddy fields. There are several tourist destinations that may be enjoyed under the Kerala backwater cruises. Houseboats are your partners for Kerala cruises each cruise in Kerala makes you glide in serenity and absorb the surrounding beauty.

The Backwaters of Kerala is a unique product of Kerala and is found no where else in the world. A glide in a "Kettuvallam" (Traditionally Decorated Houseboat) through the enchanting backwaters is sure to rob your heart. You’re in a watery universe, so quiet, even you can hear your own blood pumping around your head. Sparkling greens, emerald backwaters, coir-laden houseboats and magical beauty heals your mind and body as you travel to surreal Kerala.

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