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Located 11 km away from the little town of Alleppey, this peaceful beach is an ideal excursion for vacationers headed into the backwaters south-east of Cochin. With palm trees lining the pristine silver sand, the beach is a pleasure for sore eyes. Named after the small fishing village of Mararikulam, its calm and pristine personality makes it convenient for relaxation. While Marari Beach is a simple day trip from Aleppey and Cochin, there is some good accommodation available, including the luxurious and eco-friendly Marari Beach Resort, the sea overlooking a Symphony beach resort, along with numerous boutique and homestay options.

While Kerala is a place that stimulates the mind’s eye to visualize the many beautiful stretches of greens and backwaters, the state is also home to gorgeous sea beaches. The Marari Beach close Alappuzha is an example of this kind of beach. Marari Beach’s beauty is such that it’s earned a reputation of being among the best beaches in Kerala. Thanks to the space of the Marari Beach is an easy 30-minute drive away from the popular backwater destination of Alappuzha, the Marari Beach happens to be part of every traveller’s destination. It’s a great spot to visit for people who travel to Kerala simply to explore the beautiful backwaters, but then would like to take a break by paying a visit to someplace by the sea, that’s the Marari Beach.

Even though this beach isn’t very tourist and neither will too many guide books will talk about it, but travellers who like to explore the corners of a destination will certainly visit the Marari Beach in Kerala. Among the things which make the Marari Beach indeed beautiful and pristine is the fact that it’s still lesser-known and has not been impacted by the over the development of popular tourist attractions. The Marari Beach is located at a distance of 60 km from Kochi, which is another popular travel destination in Kerala and has also earned its fame owing to a beach.

Kochi is a place that has the closest airport to Marari Beach. For travellers who’d like to spend a few days at the serenity of a locality bordered by the sea and lets the breeze touch their faces at most times, the Marari Beach villas prove to be excellent accommodation options. The best method to achieve Marari Beach out of Alappuzha, which is also its nearest railway station, is to hire an auto-rickshaw that won’t cost more than Rs 300. For people who fly down to Kerala, the best spot to land could be Kochi, the closest airport from Marari Beach that is located at a distance of 60 km. By Kochi, the best way to reach the Marari Beach is at hire an air-conditioned taxi cab, that will cost greater than Rs 1, 500. Travel time from the Kochi airport to the Marari Beach is about one and half an hour.

Even though the weather at the Marari Beach remains warm and humid throughout the year, the best time to visit the beach is between the months of late December and March. This is because this is the only time the area in and around the Marari Beach remains dry. Rest of the year, the beach receives a lot of rainfall, thanks to the downpour the place receives from both the southwest and the northeast monsoons. The rain is at its most terrible from June to July and late October to December. In April and May, the heat and humidity swiftly build, and summer temperatures reach 36 degrees Celsius.

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