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Cochin  Tour Package

Known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, Cochin (Kochi) is one of the best natural harbors in the world. This is the gateway to the backwaters of Kerala. Kochi, is the commercial capital of Kerala. It is one of the fastest growing cities in India. It consists of a group of islands scattered along the Vembanad Lake. An interesting blend of different cultures, such as Portuguese, Jewish, English, French, Dutch and Chinese, Cochin is a vivid and diverse color ways that attracts tourists from far and wide. The most important activity of any Cochin tour Package itinerary is the vast expanse of Cochin backwaters. The backwaters provide a stunning view, with coconut palms and Chinese nets silhouetting against the setting sun. The spectacular houseboats flowing through the water from another dramatic view that many cities in India cannot boast of.

Cochin backwater tour plays an important role on the tourist map of this beautiful city. It is a popular tourist attraction of this beautiful city. Regardless of whether you are here to explore the splendor of old times, to taste the seafood, to research the cultural heritage and art, or to get away from the daily grind, Kochi is a great choice.

When on Cochin tour, It does not matter whether you come to Kochi to explore the beauty of the old times. Enjoy the delicious seafood, explore the cultural heritage and the arts or just get away from the everyday dust, Kochi is a good choice. The Bolgatty Palace, built by the Dutch in 1744, has many tourist attractions, including the Bolgatti Island. The man-made island of Willington is another must-see in Kochi. It was built by digging mud around a small natural island that had previously existed.

Take a Tour to Cochin down the Heritage Zone in Fort Kochi, where you can find Dutch, English and portions of Portuguese colonial rule. The shady ways, sleepy streets, European heritage and the true cosmopolitan nature of Kochi will make you fall in love at first sight! Walking through the streets telling a thousand stories about its past is a delightful way to discover the beauty of this city. Enjoy a boat ride through the blue lagoons, look into its rural life and its true beauty, shop until you step out of any antique shop, or enjoy life from a sidewalk cafe. Checking out any authentic Ayurvedic check in Fort Kochi will help you relax and refresh by engaging in a good Ayurvedic massage. The options are definitely yours when you are in Kochi.

Fort Kochi Beach is the perfect place to try out the sun and sand and spend a quiet evening. There are plenty of seafood restaurants and restaurants along the beach that offer fresh fish dishes and grubs at an affordable price. Cochin tourism is a vast variety of words. Come and enjoy the magical charm of this friendly city, one of the all time favorite tourist destinations!

Enjoy a boat ride through the blue lagoons, get to know its rural lifestyle and beauty, shop until you step into any antique store, or walk out of a cafe for a lifetime. Checking out any authentic Ayurvedic center in Fort Kochi for a massage is a great idea, which will make you feel calm and refreshed. The options are yours when you are in Kochi. Fort Kochi Beach is the perfect place for a sun and sand getaway. There are a variety of seafood restaurants along the beach, offering easy grubs and fresh fish dishes. Come and experience the magical charm of this friendly city, one of the favorite destinations of all time!

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